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A great in-depth advanced installation guide for Nextcloud 15. There are some bits in here that may be useful even if you've already installed it

Ubuntu and Nginx:

Ubuntu and Apache2:

Debian and Nginx:

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#ubuntu Linux Nextcloud Server Admin
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My Little Corner Of the Internet - Progress So Far...

All this on my 2 core 12gb ram VPS with 50gb SSD - although I may upgrade that to 100gb at some point.

Bye Bye #Gmail... I have my own mail server, using K-9 Mail as a client on my phone, and the Nextcloud IMAP app on the web.

I used to host my outdoors blog on shared hosting. Considering it's now on a not too expensive #VPS with various other apps, it's still much faster than it ever was on shared hosting - largely thanks to the Varnish caching system I installed.

File Storage
Bye Bye Google Drive. #Nextcloud is a much sleeker system and I'm rather loving it. I may not... show more
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Cool. Is that only available if you host your own site? I don't host yet.

yes, it's self-hosted only so far as I know. It was the best solution I could find to replace flickr.

Sounds good. Thanks for helping me avoid more confusing by trying to install it.

Since the last git pull on the Friendica rc a couple of days ago, the CPU usage of MariaDB seems to have rocketed and I'm regularly getting high load warnings. It should be said that I hadn't done a pull for a few weeks before that. Whatever it's doing, I thought it might have settled down by now.... are there any checks I can make or actions to take? @Friendica Support #friendica #mariadb
#friendica #mariadb @Friendica Support Friendica Linux MySQL Server Admin
hoergen doesn't like this.

OK, I've made tmp writable, done another git pull, and done the dbstructure update. I've still had those 2 errors appear in the log after doing this though.

Yeah, i am not the only one with this problems ;-). I also get this message since a couple of weeks.
PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 188743680 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 48238592 bytes)
 in /src/Util/JsonLD.php on line 115

(the line number changed two days ago from line 109 to line 115)

I set the memory_limit to 350M

Look at this issue:

so its unknown what impact it's having. Maybe I'll try matching the time with the friendica log. Very concerned about the increase in load though at the moment... it used to be happily very low, sitting around 1... but at the moment it's frequently jumping up past 10 and giving me warnings. It seems to be Mariadb that's doing it. Cpu usage is regularly between 20 and 40%

Few random questions running through my mind as I sit here watching my son play 'cut the rope'.

Is #pleroma #activitypub only or can it communicate with diaspora?

How does #friendica compare with #hubzilla in terms of resource usage... ie impact on system load. I'm thinking along the line of single user instances here.

Are there any tweaks that can be made to friendica to make it 'lighter' if only used as a single user instance?

Are friendica and hubzilla the only 2 systems that are capable of full communication with both diaspora and mastodon?

I have to admit, I've been tempted by the claims of being ultra lightweight by pleroma, but I wouldn't want to lose the ability to communicate with diaspora

#pleroma #activitypub #friendica #hubzilla #fediverse Friendica Server Admin

@Mark , you may be interested in some of @Tanja ’s posts. She had either Friendica or Hubzilla running on a Raspberry Pi.


pleroma is activity and ostatus so it is not compatible with diaspora

concerning hubzilla and friendica I would say yes. database could be heavy for both.

But both can run on a small vps depends or how many users and how many contacts

These three gritstone formations are known as the Three Ships, and are located up on Birchen Edge in the Dark Peak, UK. I visited here last summer to give my son his first taste of hillwalking at age 3.

#hillwalking #hiking #darkpeak #peakdistrict #gritstone #outdoors
I like what you shared

Success! My #wordpress blog now has basic #activitypub support and should be available to follow at

Adding the contact tested successfully with friendica and mastodon

#wordpress #activitypub #fediverse Friendica Wordpress


Test Link Attachment

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OK, so tonight I knocked up a quick friendica test site using master branch and tried to post a web link attachment. Same result. So the issue is definitely not with the friendica install... it must be something elsewhere. IMaybe a security feature somewhere as it doesn't appear to bring through the javascript and iframe that make up the embed... but then it does work if I try and do it with other sites. Unless...

Have you checked the Develop Console for browser errors, including security policies violations?

I couldn't see anything using the chrome tools earlier today. I'll take another look tomorrow using Firefox. I did try temporarily disabling most of my security headers earlier today but that made no difference.

Bingo! 'Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit cross-origin framing.'

...but this doesn't explain why others can see it just fine though.

OK... that worked a little bit. I can now see the hillexplorer home page, but still not working with any other pages on the site - including the one at the top of this post - and now no more errors in the console.

Nope.... thought it might be Wordpress sites in particular but others seem to work fine. Anyone any ideas? I'm still suspecting that the answer lies in the nginx config somewhere.

On the summit of Win Hill in the Dark Peak, UK. My son managed it despite him only being 3 at the time. Lots more adventures planned for this year
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So I added the activitypub plugin for my Wordpress site and proceeded to get very excited. I'm supposed to be able to follow via but unfortunately am getting the message 'network type could not be detected' when trying to add. The webfinger test appears to pass ok though...

#activitypub #wordpress #friendica
You may want to check if the /.well-known/ requests are being received by Wordpress so the plugin can process it.

Ok... how can I check this? My knowledge of activitypub is extremely limited and I rely fully on guides :)

Walkers heading back to Horton in Ribblesdale from Ingleborough on the last leg of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge
#yorkshiredales #walking #hillwalking #outdoors #yorkshire3peaks #challengewalk #hiking #hills

When I try and attach a webpage from my site then look at the preview, it only displays the title but not an image or description. The bbcode looks correct and is below. I've had this issue for a while and is a feature that I'd really like... any ideas?

[attachment type='link' url='' title='A Simple Win Hill Circular from Yorkshire Bridge - Peak District Walk' image='']A simple circular walk in the Dark Peak that ascends Win Hill from Yorkshire Bridge via Parkin Clough before descending back through the wooded slopes.[/attachment]

#friendica Friendica
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Are there any android apps out there that work with pixelfed?

#pixelfed #android
#pixelfed #android Generic
None that I'm aware of, but I'm looking forward to be proven wrong.

Just trying out a public instance of Pixelfed....

I'll hang fire until I install on my own server...hopefully they'll support mariadb in the future.

#pixelfed #fediverse
#pixelfed #fediverse Generic

Thinking of trying this out on my blog... activitypub for Wordpress.

Plugin Directory: ActivityPub (Matthias Pfefferle)

#activitypub #wordpress

Finally reached an important milestone in my life.... people thinking I might like a nostril and ear hair trimmer for xmas.
I totally understand the feeling, my own wife was so happy to offer me the super bundle: multi-headed razor plus nostril/ear hair trimmer.
I felt so old, all of a sudden 😂

Last night, I trawled through a selection of Christmas themed short horror films. None of them exactly classics but I do like to watch a right load of old crap sometimes!

My Name is Kris Kringle
What happens to those kids on the naughty list...

A Very Zombie Holiday - An Instructional Video
What to do when a zombie holocaust happens at Christmas

Kids sneak down to see Santa, but he's not what they expected

A Luchagore Christmas
Only 2 minutes long but my favourite of the bunch. A dark and disturbing piece.

The Winter Stalker... show more

Last nights movie... A killer santa, but one I felt a little sorry for as he did perform a couple of heart warming acts. #movienight #movie #horrormovie #santa