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Can't work it out....

Have chocolate bars become smaller since I was a kid? Or does it just look like that because my hands are larger?

I always reserve Friday night for pondering lifes big issues.

Heading out to enjoy the UK's original National Park this weekend? The recent hot weather means many of our cherished landscapes and the wildlife that lives there are at high risk from fire 🔥 - a few small actions can make a big difference! Thank you 👍



Sharp Edge

Next on the agenda.... maybe in a couple of weeks. #scrambling #ridge #mountain #ukoutdoors #lakedistrict

Just back from a great day walking in the Dark Peak. Managed to squeeze 2 walks in and was walking for 12 hours solid. Worth it though! I'll try and get a photo or two uploaded tomorrow.

#hiking #darkpeak #peakdistrict


Walkers receive strong advice after rescuers’ ‘total waste of time’ on Moel Siabod callout
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Sounds like they did need help, but maybe not the kind they were asking for...

So many idiots on the mountains unprepared and taking mountain rescue for granted. They need to realise that these people are volunteers and have day jobs. They're lucky they're there to help.


Dark Chocolate

Random nutrition fact of the day.

According to the back of the packet, the 85% dark chocolate that I'm eating right now contains 14.7g of fibre per 100g.

This is twice as much as the same quantity of cooked lentils, 3 times more than the same quantity of wholewheat bread, and more than 5 times more than the same quantity of broccoli.

#chocolate, #nutrition, #darkchocolate, #cocoa, #fibre
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Goodbye David Moyes and thanks. Sorry for the way you've been treated by our joke of a chairman.

#westham #westhamutd #davidmoyes
Buttercup doesn't like this.

At last! I've written a new blog post

A Walk Around Weybourne

A circular walk around the North Norfolk village of Weybourne. The route starts at Weybourne beach before circling the village via Muckleburgh Hill, Kelling Heath, Weybourne Wood, Sheringham Park, and a beautiful stretch of North Norfolk coastline.

A Walk Around Weybourne - North Norfolk

#northnorfolk #eastanglia #weybourne #hiking #blog #outdoors #walking #route #norfolk #coastline

@Wandern und Trekking und Trekking
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Interesting walk. I had no idea there were so many relics of WWII still extant. Also nice that the route is circular. I hate back tracking.

I've never heard of the Viewranger. What do you like about it? I use MapMyHike or the REI app, and I do have a Garmin GPS system as well.

Viewranger just works really well and is a bit more geared towards uk use with a choice of free open landscape maps, or paid access to OS maps or Harvey's maps. Worst map ever for the outdoors is google maps. I also sometimes use the osmaps app, but most of the time I'll use osmaps online to plot the route then transfer the gpx to Viewranger. All my routes are circular... start at the car, finish at the car. Like you, I hate backtracking or having to use public transport to get back to the car. You have to subscribe to osmaps for about 20 quid a year, however the uk edition of bing maps allows you to view them for free. I have an article on my blog somewhere comparing the different uk maps.


New accounts on

We now have:

@Hillwalking UK - A hand curated collection of UK hillwalking and scrambling articles from around the web

@grough Magazine - The RSS feed from grough outdoors magazine (UK based)

@UK Hillwalking - The RSS feed of

@Hill Explorer - The account that runs alongside my blog. Mainly route descriptions and photos

@Peak District National Park - A mirror of the Peak District National Park Twitter feed

@Dogs Being Dogs - Photos of dogs just being dogs

@Dog Training - Content from multiple feeds relating to dog training.

#hiking #dogs #dogtraining #cutedogs #hillwalking #uk #outdoors #peakdistrict #scrambling #hills #mountains


Kinder Mass Trespass

The inspiration for my Friendica server name #history, #ukhistory, #righttoroam, #masstrespass, #ukoutdoors, #ukhiking


Game Night (2018)

Have to be honest, I don't usually watch comedies. I usually spend my time watching horror movies, action, and revenge thrillers that star an ageing film star (more usually an ex star that's not been cool since the 1980's). But this time we opted for a comedy just for a change. And I can recommend this - I thought it was well written and consistently witty. Definitely got a few laughs out of me (a rare feat). #movie
#movie #comedy Movies

Another movie convention appears to be that villains are horrible shots, even when armed with automatic weapons.

The hero, however, wounds or kills with every shot. hehehehe

Unless its steven seagal. Then everyone runs out of bullets at the same time, allowing him the opportunity to snap various bones.



My first ever UK sighting of a live Adder - located on the Simonstone Hills in Northumberland


#wildlife, #snake, #adder, #northumberland, #outdoors, @Wandern und Trekking

Long live the inner children !
Where did _fingerdick _occur to you?

It was on one of the two wikipedia links you sent

There is an initiative for networking the habitats of the European Wildcat in Germany

Well played West Ham! Not many times I've said that this season. Cracking goals from Arnautovic and Lanzini.

#westham #westhamutd #football

How to Scramble Crib Goch #snowdonia, #cribgoch, #snowdonhorseshoe, #northwales, #ukoutdoors, #scrambling, #hillwalking, #ridge

15 minutes to go before I torture myself by watching my shambolic team West Ham play Man Utd. Looking forward to the post match blues.

#football #westhamutd #westham

That picture displays the only interesting thing that happened during the whole 90 minutes.

Turned out not too bad - 0-0. The dullest game of football ever though.


Northumberland Roads

Switch your tracking cookie blockers on and check out some of the beautiful roads I had to use during my trip to Northumberland. The driving was almost as good as the walking! #scenery #ukoutdoors #northumberland #countryroad

Just out of interest, do we have any experts on MySQL, GIS, and spatial functions on here? - for future reference.

#mysql, #gis, #spatial
#mysql #gis #spatial Wordpress MySQL
I work with MySQL on a daily basis, but I hardly am an expert. @Michael Vogel actually knows more than me. I don't know about the rest.

It's the full combo. Next step on my website is to convert all the national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty to polygons in mysql from kml. Some are multi polygons. Then I can calculate which areas hills belong to. I want to be able to dynamically produce lists of say top 10 highest hills in an area, or the nearest hills to a location. I've already committed myself to creating a dedicated page for every area I visit, every hill, and every trig point. I think I may have given myself far too much work. Would also be nice to be able to expand the area on either side of a gpx route so that I can calculate nearby stuff to a route rather than a single location.
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No, I'm not an expert at all, sorry.

Seems silly duplicating the same photos over two accounts so if anyone is interested in seeing more of the Northumberland photos, I'll be posting more on over the next few days :)