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20 Movie Challenge


A fun project to help us learn about each other.

20 films that had an impact on you, for the next 20 days.

Only post a pic. No film title or comment. Number them and use the hashtags below.


#20MovieChallenge #movies #film


Ingleborough to Horton

Two walkers on the final section of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge, heading to Horton in Ribblesdale from Ingleborough


#outdoors #hiking #hillwalking #yorkshiredales #landscapephotography


A Win Hill Circular

A new blog post I've just written. This was a walk I did with the little one back in June to try and introduce him to some proper hillwalking. He did very well!

A Simple Win Hill Circular

A simple circular walk in the Dark Peak that ascends Win Hill from Yorkshire Bridge via Parkin Clough before descending back through the wooded slopes on good tracks.

#hiking #blogpost #hillwalking #getoutside #uk #outdoors #peakdistrict #darkpeak @Wandern und Trekking


Foel Goch

Looking towards Foel Goch (Snowdonia), with Ogwen Valley down below. Taken from the south slope of Pen yr Ole Wen last Thursday.


#outdoors #getoutside #snowdonia #northwales #uk #hiking #hillwalking #mountain #landscapephotography #photography #landscape #foelgoch @Wandern und Trekking
Wowsa. Look at all that green and the dappled light.

great photo - I love the way the light plays on the hillsides!



Last nights movie... Upgrade. More enjoyable than I thought it would be. #movie #film #sciencefiction #scifi


Dungeon Ghyll

Taken last August on a trip to the Lake District with the kids. This picture is the waterfall on Dungeon Ghyll


#lakedistrict #waterfall #hiking #hillwalking #getoutside #uk #landscape #photography #landscapephotography #outdoors #nature #england


Today's walk

Today's view... taken from the slope of Pen yr Ole Wen. Wonderful days walking... now for the three and a half hour journey back home.


@Wandern und Trekking #hiking #hillwalking #snowdonia #outdoors
I'm really enjoying following your hill walks around England and Wales. On my only trip to Wales, on business, I was able to get away for a walk on the coastal path near Cardiff but I'm hoping to make it back for a longer sojourn. Is there a good guide you would recommend for day hikes?

If you don't mind my asking, how do you get the post title to appear at the top of the post? When I markup my title it always shows under the photo; what am I missing?

The post title is is a #Friendica feature, I'm not sure how you can do that with #Diaspora.

Glad you like them as there's many more to come :)
As for guides... not sure about specific guides but I've always found the books from Cicerone Press very good, and I'm sure they'll have something for Wales as they do for most other areas.

Thanks! Checking out Friendica.


One Minute Mountain: Ben Nevis

#bennevis #scotland #hillwalking #mountain #ukhillwalking



Very useful! #linux #backup #filesync
#linux #backup #filesync Linux (x)


The Skiddaw Group

Well I've managed to put my day off with a cold virus to good use and I've actually managed to write a new blog post! Makes a change from all the server config I've been doing in the last few weeks. This is from a walk I did back in June in the Lake District on a very hot day. In hindsight, it was definitely too hot to be walking up mountains!

The Skiddaw Group -

A walk in the Lake District’s Northern Fells covering all the main summits of the Skiddaw group. It starts at Dodd before moving on to Carl Side, Ullock Pike, Skiddaw and Skiddaw Little Man, Lonscale Fell, and finally Latrigg.

#outdoors #hiking #lakedistrict #hillwalking #walkingroute #blog #blogpost #skiddaw #mountain



Another cold virus from the children. Question is... do I go to work? Or do I lounge about at home feeling sorry for myself? #ill
#ill Generic (x)
Get well soon!

I don't know how the system is working where you live and if you get paid for sick days. In Germany I always would tell the people to stay at home since they will most likely spread the virus among the coworkers when being on work.

Yeah, I'll still get paid. Maybe I should ring in and get the people who'll be sitting near me to vote on it :)

In our company we had some guy who got a cold for months. he refused to call himself being "sick" and he never stayed at home - with the result that very often his coworkers in his room got sick as well.

Months?? Wow... surely that's abnormal! Don't think I've ever had one that's lasted more than 3 days.

He often had a runny nose for several weeks (no hay fever). In fact I have the feeling that he had been sick for more days than being sane.



Last night's film, Skyscraper - a bit of low brow, big budget, action packed entertainment. The kind of movie that's best to watch without thinking too much. Sometimes, I'm just in the mood for that and I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed it. #movie #film #skyscraper
#movie #film #skyscraper Movies (x)


OStatus Wordpress plugin

Anyone using the OStatus Wordpress plugin? If so then what functionality does it bring? The documentation is a little vague #wordpress #ostatus
#wordpress #ostatus Wordpress (x)


Birchen Edge

This is Birchen Edge in the Peak District National Park. I took my son here for his first ever hike when he was 3. It's a very popular area with walkers due to its easy and quick access from the roadside car park, and it's also popular with climbers too.


#outdoors #hiking #countryside #landscape #photography #landscapephotography #uk #peakdistrict #darkpeak #birchenedge #hillwalking @Wandern und Trekking


Mapping Great Britain

#outdoors #map #uk #mapping
Outdoors (x)

The planning is dreaming to a purpose, I think @Mark.
i also like carrying maps of places I'm visiting to get a better idea of where I am in relation to the things around me.
Enjoy your walks.

I really like planning walking journeys on paper OS maps as they are beautifully detailed and use colours very effectively. I think part of walking is carrying a map in a plastic cover hanging around one's neck. I've only used GPS etc. when in difficulty.


Mastodon or Pleroma?

I'm thinking of adding a microblogging node as a subdomain of my hillexplorer site... I was thinking Plemora or Mastodon. Pleroma is advertised as being very lightweight which would be nice due to the ever increasing amount of things I'm hosting on 1 VPS! But, it does seem as though it requires PostegreSQL which means I'd have to have an additional database running. What's the overhead like for a Mastodon instance? Greater than the overhead of having an additional database system running? I have plenty of RAM left but it's only a 2 core VPS and I'm already running NGinx, Apache2, a Wordpress site, Friendica, a mailserver, Prosody, and Varnish. Friendica of course is quite resource intensive, and so I'm looking to keep future projects as light as possible. I was going to have a look at PixelFed too but it's saying it doesn't support Mariadb? #mastodon #pleroma #pixelfed
#mastodon #plemora #pixelfed Server Admin (x)

Most people are on mastodon than plemora, my instance use ps aux | awk '/mastodon/ {sum += $6} END { printf "%dMB\n", sum/1024 }' 1181MB of RAM and is not cpukiller.

This tutorial work perfectly.


@404 Pleroma is fully compatible to Mastodon - and it has got two different user interfaces. Additionally updating and installation is said to be much easier.

I have both friendica and mastodon running on the same VPS as well as peertube, prosody and soon enough pixelfed.. had a matrix synapse on there too for a while but whilst I liked it, it was a resource hog and I didn't think I could convince non-techies of it's worth so I turned it off.

I do however have my DBs on a separate VPS so not the same boat as yourself..

my observations are that on the web server rails (mastodon) utilises almost double the memory of php-fpm.. 1779MB to 869MB.

from a DB perspective.. friendica being the only mariadb\mysql utilising site I run.. mysqld uses up almost half of the memory at 1720MB .. redis-server which is next is on about 1060MB and postmaster (posgtresql) less than half of that.

I see @Hyp☀️li🌷e Pet🌸van (he/him) 's point about there not being much point in running both.. particularly if you are on a 1 person node/instance.. but I want to offer the option of either friendica or mastodon to family and friends - as from an interface perspective they are not similar.


Prosody - Conversations Compliance

So finally I've managed to get my Prosody server up to 94% compliance according to the online compliance test:

The annoying thing is that it's failing me on not having archiving for multi user chats, and I know perfectly well that it is working and I can clearly see records from the multi user chats stored in the archive. For some reason, the compliance tester can't see that and I have no idea why. Even the Conversations client is reporting that archiving is available when looking in the group chat details.

#prosody #xmpp #conversations #compliance
#prosody #xmpp #conversations #compliance Linux (x) Server Admin (x) XMPP (x)

@Mark cool. I love how little footprint prosody has on the server resources. Its perfect for friends and family use. Could easily run it on raspberry pi alongside nextcloud, and email.

We also have a small room with few other people running small servers, where we together try to figure out things, and help out community in general Probably less traffic then #prosody and less super skilled xmpp hax0rs. so feel free to pop-by.

I will do!

Temping to go register haha


Llechog Ridge

A great route up to the top of Snowdon in North Wales. The Llanberis path (the main tourist path) is normally far too busy, and maybe even a little bit dull. This route runs parallel and follows the ridge above. The views are much better, allowing you to look down into the Llanberis Pass, and you normally have the route to yourself. To the left, the winding Snowdon mountain railway can be seen.


#outdoors #snowdonia #hiking #wales #landscape #photography #getoutside #uk #landscapephotography #hillwalking #mountain #hill #adventure #explore #britain