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Wordpress migration success!

Well.... it proved more troublesome than I originally thought, but finally my hillexplorer website is moved onto my VPS.

The 3 big problems I had:

1. Issuing a certificate using certbot that had the ability to renew automatically. The issues were caused by the fact that Varnish runs on port 80, and my site on 8080.

2. Getting mod_pagespeed, varnish, apache, nginx, and wordpress to all play nicely together.

3. After setting it all up and migrating the site, I couldn't load the page as it was in an infinite redirect loop. Some extra configuration had to be added to the wp-config.php file to fix this.

All working now though, and I can see that both pagespeed and Varnish are doing what they're supposed to be doing.

Are there any further optimisations to make? Well, I still need to tune Apache and php-fpm so it makes best use of the memory and cores that I have. I could also try increasing the cache for Mariadb, although maybe I'd be better off using something like Redis? I can see that the javascripts for many of the plugins are loading with... show more
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interesting, I wasn't aware of varnish until now.. must give it a shot.. but that means reconfiguring nginx for mastodon, friendica, matrix synapse and peertube.. but can take the opportunity to tidy up the config file as I go.

It would be far easier to set up if it supported https!

looks that way, this might not be a task for today, will need to read a bit more about it!

I actually gave it a quick go, friendica and matrix worked (didn't check peertube) but mastodon didn't nor did a static site.. i suspect due to .htconfig url rewrite rules.. will experiment further later.

I'm not actually using it for friendica... I added a rule to the config for that domain to pass through. Nice to know it works though... I may add it later

Friendica was the first site I thought of when I saw your post, not sure why but for some reason on both this and my previous node, compared to other sites my friendica install is very slow.

Mine seems OK... but I am using mod_pagespeed which also caches optimized versions of web pages. More scope for things going wrong with that one though... may take some tweaking as it combines css, javascripts, compresses images on the fly, defers javascripts etc etc. You can disable individual filters in the config if they're causing an issue. By default it caches to disk but I believe it supports Redis and Memcached too. You could also just tune Nginx too to do the caching instead alongside memcached

for example.... one of my issues is that its taken away the icon to create a new post! I'll have to sort that one tomorrow!

Does matrix use much resources? Was wondering whether to go for that or a secure xmpp server.

Not a massive amount, haven't really measured resource utilisation and not sure whether it's a permanent addition or not.. I like the idea of the bridges etc. but haven't implemented many of them. I'm running prosody for xmpp.

Come on DNS propagation. Hurry up already!

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Alport Castles

Alport Castles, located in the Peak District, is actually formed from a landslide and, at around half a mile long, is thought to be the largest landslide in the United Kingdom. A few outcrops have been formed from the debris of the landslide, and these apparently look like castles from a distance – which is where the name comes from. The largest of these outcrops is called ‘The Tower’.

#outdoors #landscape #peakdistrict #uk #hiking


Web Server Stack

OK, the setup I've gone for on my new Ubuntu 18.04 is:

PHP7.2-FPM & Redis

Apache 2.4 mdm_event & mod_pagespeed

Varnish 6

NGinx SSL Termination

I'm hoping to run NextCloud, Wordpress, and Friendica. I will likely only utilise Varnish for the Wordpress site and let the other two pass through. I will use Redis for those. A ton of documentation to read on Varnish and pagespeed. At which point do I gzip? Apache or Nginx? Will pagespeed gzip as part of it's optimisations? What happens if its gzipping at both the front and backend? Where do I define browser caching? Bit confusing... Lot's of trial and error and service restarts coming soon....

#friendica #wordpress #webserver #serveradmin #apache #varnish #nginx

Do you have any timing data on this, like number-wise? Even ballpark comparative numbers would be very cool to see.

Afraid I don't. It was just a spur of the moment thing as I originally wasn't going to use it for friendica. I was more interested to see if its optimisations broke anything on the site. I'll be making more efforts to do speed tests one I move the wordpress site across


Web Server Improvement Process

Step 1: Install new technology.
Step 2: Make random tweaks and enable random options in the hope you guess them all correctly and you won't have to read pages of boring documentation.
Step 3: Break website.
Step 4: Read documentation.

#linux #webserver
#linux #webserver Linux Server Admin
10/10 good post, will relate again =)

We have to go deeper:

3.1: break website and some underlying infrastructure
3.2: try to fix it and accidentally succeed
3.3: some more random tweaks with illusiong of understanding
3.4: new fail almost similar but now stackoverflow crawling does not help
And then
4: Read the docs


User deletion

So what's the usual amount of time to pass until an account is permanently deleted once clicking delete?

#friendica Friendica
Up to a few days, not more than a week. This process is done with a low priority due to the multiple DB writes it requires.

Ok thanks. Thought it might be best to let those complete before making a backup and taking the site down

If you make a backup now, the deletion task will pick right up once you restore it.


Server downtime warning

Just to let you know, in the next few days I'll be backing up and temporarily bringing the site down. The plan is to wipe the VPS and start again with a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 installation, this time ready to support multiple websites rather than the one. As I used the newest versions of PHP and Apache on Ubuntu 16.04, I'm hoping the setup process will virtually be exactly the same so I can just follow my own documentation. How long this will take, I don't know. It's hard to find much spare time these days. The plan is to host my wordpress site with a Varnish caching front end. It's currently on a cheap shared host at the moment. I also obviously plan to host this #friendica instance, and also NextCloud.
#friendica Friendica Server Admin
...and we're back. Again.



Y Garn East Ridge

A scramble up Y Garn's east ridge in Snowdonia that I did a couple of weeks ago. Complete with my first ever attempt at using a head mounted action cam

#scrambling #snowdonia #mountain #hillwalking
Looks nice. Did you see my posts under #Hiking, I was in #Schottland, the area around #Invergordon.

I didn't... but I shall do so now! :)

I have noticed that in many cases, the web link attachment doesn't work properly so I'm having to manually format a post like this. When I chose web attachment, the image or description doesn't appear in the preview. It simply shows the title and that's it.

I just use the insert link and this generates the preview and add a picture (if the host I link to provides one).


Friendica, Wordpress, Nextcloud

2 processors, 12gb ram, 80gb ram. Powerful enough to host 3 sites?
A wordpress site... fairly large but less than 200 visitors a day
A single user friendica site
A single user nextcloud site.

Opinions welcome

#serveradmin #webserver #friendica #wordpress #nextcloud
#serveradmin #webserver #friendica #wordpress #nextcloud Friendica NextCloud Server Admin Wordpress

HDD or SSD? SSD would be much better.


That's fine. To compare it: My system has got 16 GB memory and the database is on a SSD, the rest is on a HDD RAID.

I have got one smaller (70 user) and one larger (700 user) friendica server and two GNU Social servers running on that system.

How many cpu's?

It's a 6 Core AMD CPU.

Ah, so 3 times more cores than mine then!

The system normally is running on 20-40% per CPU.

What would I need to backup if I was to wipe the server and start again? And for 3 sites, am I ok to stick with apache or should I give nginx a try?

The bottleneck is the database, not the web server. So stick with Apache and use MariaDB.

Ssd with ovh. Its their cloud RAM 2 vps package with extra storage space bundled on

A lot of servers do a lot more .. on a lot less. 80gb might fill up pretty quick, but you'll probably know and can address that before it becomes an issue. Best of luck!


Git help

@Friendica Admins

Apologies for the question but I know next to nothing about git.

I'm assuming that I now need to switch back to the develop branch from the RC branch. After I do a git checkout develop, git pull, I get the message...

error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:
Please commit your changes or stash them before you merge.

What do I need to do?

#friendica #git
git checkout -- .htaccess
git pull
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I probably should have explained a little bit better: git checkout -- discard local modifications to a file and restores it as it was committed in the current branch.

If you wanted to keep your local modifications:
git stash
git pull
git stash pop

Stash saves your local modification away from your working directory, and can reapply them after a clean pull is done. This can produce merge conflicts but the output will be explicit about it. Stashes are added to a stack you can push and pop from.

damn! Too late now... luckily I documented the changes I made so its a simple job :)

I suggest adding your changes to the vhost file/block instead.


A Quiet Place

Good premise and I actually really enjoyed it at the time. You do have to switch off the brain a little bit though as there are a lot of moments where you're thinking, 'why don't they just do this' as you constantly think up obvious solutions to their problems. #movienight #movies #film
#movienight #movies #film Movies
You also have to switch off listening to everyone eating popcorn in a super quiet theater! Odd experience something so quiet these days

Can't work it out....

Have chocolate bars become smaller since I was a kid? Or does it just look like that because my hands are larger?

I always reserve Friday night for pondering lifes big issues.
Oh you should see the #numberphile video about logarithms that @Sunyata just shared (I promise this makes sense, even though this reply seems to have nothing to do with chocolate bars ?)

Heading out to enjoy the UK's original National Park this weekend? The recent hot weather means many of our cherished landscapes and the wildlife that lives there are at high risk from fire ? - a few small actions can make a big difference! Thank you ?



Sharp Edge

Next on the agenda.... maybe in a couple of weeks. #scrambling #ridge #mountain #ukoutdoors #lakedistrict


Ladybower Reservoir

Taken from Bamford Edge yesterday - fantastic view!


#hiking #peakdistrict #darkpeak @Wandern und Trekking

Just back from a great day walking in the Dark Peak. Managed to squeeze 2 walks in and was walking for 12 hours solid. Worth it though! I'll try and get a photo or two uploaded tomorrow.

#hiking #darkpeak #peakdistrict


Walkers receive strong advice after rescuers’ ‘total waste of time’ on Moel Siabod callout
... show more
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Sounds like they did need help, but maybe not the kind they were asking for...

So many idiots on the mountains unprepared and taking mountain rescue for granted. They need to realise that these people are volunteers and have day jobs. They're lucky they're there to help.


Dark Chocolate

Random nutrition fact of the day.

According to the back of the packet, the 85% dark chocolate that I'm eating right now contains 14.7g of fibre per 100g.

This is twice as much as the same quantity of cooked lentils, 3 times more than the same quantity of wholewheat bread, and more than 5 times more than the same quantity of broccoli.

#chocolate, #nutrition, #darkchocolate, #cocoa, #fibre
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Goodbye David Moyes and thanks. Sorry for the way you've been treated by our joke of a chairman.

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Buttercup doesn't like this.